Gasoline-2 SPH

This scheme very closely follows the paper by Wadsley et al. (2017). It includes a “Geometric Density Average Force” equation of motion, explicit corrections for gradients, a Cullen & Dehnen (2010) style artificial viscosity and switch, and an artificial conduction scheme based on the local shear tensor.

The equation of motion:

\[\frac{\mathrm{d} \mathbf{v}_{i}}{\mathrm{d} t}=-\sum_{j} m_{j}\left(\frac{P_{i}+P_{j}}{\rho_{i} \rho_{j}}+\Pi_{i j}\right) \nabla_{i} \bar{W}_{i j}\]
\[\frac{\mathrm{d} u_{i}}{\mathrm{d} t}=\sum_{j} m_{j}\left(\frac{P_{i}}{\rho_{i} \rho_{j}}+\frac{1}{2} \Pi_{i j}\right) \mathbf{v}_{i j} \cdot \nabla_{i} \bar{W}_{i j}\]


\[\nabla_{i} \bar{W}_{i j}=\frac{1}{2} f_{i} \nabla_{i} W\left(r_{i j}, h_{i}\right)+\frac{1}{2} f_{j} \nabla_{j} W\left(r_{i j}, h_{j}\right)\]
\[f_{i}=\frac{\sum_{j} \frac{m_{j}}{\rho_{i}} \mathbf{r}_{i j}^{2} W^{\prime}\left(\frac{r_{i j}}{h_{i}}\right)}{\sum_{j} \frac{m_{j}}{\rho_{j}} \mathbf{r}_{i j}^{2} W^{\prime}\left(\frac{r_{i j}}{h_{i}}\right)}\]

For more information, please see the Wadsley et al. (2017) paper. Note that we do not use the exact same time-stepping condition, but instead use the same as the other schemes in SWIFT.

To configure with this scheme, use

./configure --with-hydro=gasoline --with-kernel=wendland-C4 --disable-hand-vec

The parameters available for this scheme, and their defaults, are:

    viscosity_alpha: 0.1  # Initial value for the alpha viscosity
    viscosity_length: 0.2  # Viscosity decay length (in terms of sound-crossing time)
    # These are enforced each time-step
    viscosity_alpha_max: 2.0  # Maximal allowed value for the viscosity alpha
    viscosity_alpha_min: 0.0  # Minimal allowed value for the viscosity alpha

    diffusion_coefficient: 0.03 # Controls the diffusion rate

There is also a compile-time parameter, viscosity_beta that we set to 3.0. During feedback events, the viscosity is set to the compile-time hydro_props_default_viscosity_alpha_feedback_reset = 2.0 and the diffusion is set to hydro_props_default_diffusion_rate_feedback_reset = 0.0. These can be changed in src/hydro/Gasoline/hydro_parameters.h.