Hydrodynamics Schemes

This section of the documentation includes information on the hydrodynamics schemes available in SWIFT, as well as how to implement your own.

Depending on the scheme used, the algorithm will need either 2 (e.g. GADGET-2) or 3 (e.g. GIZMO and SPHENIX) interaction loops. Here we show the task dependencies for the hydrodynamics assuming 3 loops. In case the case of a 2 loop scheme, SWIFT removes the gradient loop and the extra ghost.

Task dependencies for the hydrodynamics.

This figure shows the task dependencies for the hydrodynamics assuming a scheme with the gradient loop. The first tasks to be executed are at top the (without any incoming links) and then in the order of the links until the last tasks without any outgoing links. For the hydrodynamics tasks (in blue), the rectangles represent (from top to bottom) the density, gradient and force loops. As this graph was created manually, the task dependencies might not reflect a real run depending on the physics simulated. This was done with SWIFT v0.9.0.