Stand alone VELOCIraptor configuration

Besides running VELOCIraptor on the fly when using SWIFT, it is also possible to run VELOCIraptor alone without using SWIFT. In this section we explain how VELOCIraptor can be run stand alone without using SWIFT.

Setting up VELOCIraptor

The first step is setting up VELOCIraptor, this requires us to download the git repository at:

git clone

Similar to the SWIFT with VELOCIraptor configuration, we can use the master to analyse individual snapshots. We can use this branch by doing:

cd VELOCIraptor-STF
git submodule update --init --recursive

Again we need to configure VELOCIraptor:

mkdir build
cd build

The first parameter activates the processing of gas, stars and black holes. It can be omitted for simulations evolving only dark matter.

In this case, we do not need the SWIFT interface, therefore we can drop this option (disabled by default).

Compiling VELOCIraptor

Compiling goes completely different as compared to the on the fly halo finder configuration with SWIFT. In this case we can compile the code as:

make -j

After this an executable is created (VELOCIraptor-stf/stf).

Running VELOCIraptor on a Snapshot

After the code has been compiled the next step is using VELOCIraptor on a single snapshot of a simulation. The code has several options which can be used, which can be displayed by running a terminal command of an invalid letter like:

./stf -h

which gives the information about the usage of the command:

VELOCIraptor/STF running with MPI. Number of mpi threads: 1
VELOCIraptor/STF running with OpenMP. Number of openmp threads: 8

-C <configuration file (overrides other options)>
-I <input format [Gadget (Default) 1, HDF (if implemented)2, TIPSY 3, RAMSES 4, HDF 2, NCHILADA 5>
-i <input file>
-s <number of files per output for gadget input 1 [default]>
-Z <number of threads used in parallel read (1)>
-o <output filename>
-g <number of extra sph/gas blocks for gadget>
-s <number of extra star blocks for gadget>
-b <number of extra bh blocks for gadget>
-t <ramses snapnumber>

After this we can run VELOCIraptor on a snapshot called input.hdf5 as:

./stf -I 2 -i input -o output -C configfile.txt