Configuration Options

There are many configuration options that SWIFT makes available; a few key ones are summarised here.

Note that these need to be ran with ./configure x where x is the configuration flag.

A description of the available options of the below flags can be found by using ./configure  --help.


There are several hydrodynamical schemes available in SWIFT. You can choose between them at compile-time with this option.


Some hydrodynamical schemes, for example GIZMO, require a Riemann solver.


Several kernels are made available for use with the hydrodynamical schemes. Choose between them with this compile-time flag.


Run problems in 1, 2, and 3 (default) dimensions.


Several equations of state are made available with this flag. Also consider --with-adiabatic-index.


Several cooling implementations (including GRACKLE) are available.


Many external potentials are available for use with SWIFT. You can choose between them at compile time. Some examples include a central potential, a softened central potential, and a sinusoidal potential. You will need to configure, for example, the mass in your parameter file at runtime.