Removed Particles

If a particle leaves a non-periodic simulation box then it is removed. Currently, the particle’s information is simply printed to stdout in a csv format (see hydro_remove_part() in src/hydro/Planetary/hydro.h). This could be extracted for analysis e.g. using grep: grep '## Removed' -A 1 --no-group-separator output.txt > removed.txt, then read e.g. with python:

import numpy as np
id, x, y, z, vx, vy, vz, mass, u, P, rho, h, mat_id, time = np.loadtxt(
    "removed.txt", delimiter=",", unpack=True
pos = np.transpose([x, y, z])
vel = np.transpose([vx, vy, vz])
id = id.astype(int)
mat_id = mat_id.astype(int)